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Saint Faiths

Saint Faiths Chapel

Opened in 1861 to provide a peaceful retreat for patients at Stanley Royd Hospital, the chapel of Saint Faith is one of the more unusual churches dedicated to the patron saint. The building itself is identical to Saint James church that was built in Doncaster.

The chapel was divided into a male patients and female patients by twin naves separated by arches which acted as a divider. The organ was at the end of one nave and at the other the stained-glass window, picturing members of various hospital professions with patients which was added in 1961, to celebrate the work at the hospital. A patients painting of the last supper also hung in the Chapel.

Saint Faiths closed in 1996 after over 130 years. Linfit Investments applied to turn the Chapel into offices several years ago, sadly work never commenced leaving the building derelict. This once magnificent building that was the heart of the asylum has suffered fire damage and became a shelter for the homeless in recent years, before it was gutted by fire on June 18 2012, only a week after it sold to a developer who planned to convert the chapel into housing.

Chapel in 1900

Interior 1958

Exterior 1975

Chapel photos taken in 2010

The following photos were taken during and after the fire of June 18th 2012

When our historic buildings are gone they will never be replaced